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A Pilgrimage to One of New 7 Wonders and Why Experiences Bring More Happiness Than Materials

I am going to Vietnam next month. I’m so excited i’m going to see one of new 7 wonders, Halong Bay. Wow!

This is the 1st time i’m going to traveling solo. Yes, solo, alone! I think its gonna be easy because i will do everything up to me and it’s easy to control only myself.

So naturally, the question arises: “Why Vietnam?” And the next logical question: “Why don’t you save the money to travel with somebody?”.

I give my argument for “outing” over “cash bonus”, despite all the troubles, which I find interesting. This is what my mom said: “I understand it is much more convenient to give out money, and perhaps it is preferred by many people. But I want to give you experience, not just money”.
She has a point. When mother give out money, most people would buy things. Few might save or invest or …. but mostly will buy “stuff”. The guys will buy DVDs, toys, videogames, while the women will scramble for clothes, bags, or shoes like there is no tomorrow.

Studies show that “experience-related” purchases bring more happiness than stuff ( Apparently when we buy stuffs, we are more prone to “comparison” with other people’s possession, and hence feel inadequate or jealous. Experiences, according to the studies, are more enjoyed on their own exactly because they are harder to compare than goods/stuffs.

So yes, an outing is indeed troublesome, and money seems more appealing. But how many of us would actually make a trip to Vietnam, even with sufficient money in hand? And the irreplaceable experience of going with a bunch of loonies to a faraway place, to do silly things, play stupid pranks, take corny pictures, see new things once in a while?

The latest gadgets, or laptops, or home theater, or designer shoes, or bags, can’t bring you memories of paradise.

So yes, I believe in this trip. Even if I have to travel solo. Will write again when I get back!

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